That announcement was made on the first day of the nfl football season. They are wrapping up dangerous illegal betting. Wcco chief political reporter reported on this story. What kind of betting are we talking about? Reporter: they are talking about things, not fantasy football, which a lot of people are involved in. Also friendly bets with your friends like vikings against the packers.

That is not illegal. What is illegal is betting with a bookie. Meeting someone at a downtown pub to make a bet to place a bet. That is illegal. The state department of public safety enforcement division says they’ll ramp up their enforcement of that this year in minnesota in part because the superbowl will be here and they see an uptick of illegal gambling in superbowl cities.

Is this a wide-spread problem? It feels like posturing. Like we are coming after this and you think well, really? Reporter: that is the biggest reaction to casino bonus codes us, i think, that i have seen in quite some time. People are going come on now.

Are you really going to ramp up enforcement of illegal gambling when there are so many other things to do like public safety could ramp up their license tab registration system with the computer glitches. This is not that really, really big problem. But there are some people, they say, some people in minnesota who have a gambling problem. And that is a very, very small percentage.

But they will be affected. By the way, the vikings odds, you see them in the paper. It is part of our system. It is part of our entertainment. A lot of people are going come, this is really not that big a deal. We talk about the fact we are ramping up enforcement.

Next year the minnesota legislator says they’ll consider a bill to legalize it. It doesn’t make sense to focus on it this year and legalize it the next. Reporter: there is always that. There has been a bill for the last several years. It might have a better chance this coming year.

The bill to legalize sports betting in minnesota. We could be one of the few states that do this. By the way, we see all the ads for draft kings and fan dual. We see the division ads. That’s all legal.

Should they make it legal here in minnesota? That’s the question. Come on. What are the odds that this state is going to say yes? Reporter: i see what you are doing. [multiple speakers].

Reporter: i just looked up the vikings odds for the superbowl. It is 28-1. It is better than the new york jets. I would like to put money down. Quick question about the next story.

You have dogs. You are a dog lover. Do you let the dogs sleep in the bedroom with you and your would have.

Reporter: this is – – with you and your wife. Reporter: we are putting them outside of the bedroom and sleep is much, much better. You started with them in the bedroom? Reporter: yeah. They are restless.

They have an alarm clock that wakings us up at 4:30 every morning. It is one of those things. Put them in the other room. It gets me in the feelings.

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