Passionate about poker and casino, however, the refusal of the credit card is a bigger problem. Most online casinos are aware of the problem of rejection of a credit card, and created effective solutions.

Some casinos manually process credit cards, sometimes in different event codes to avoid the possibility of making the card, the transaction is a gamble. However, this is a risky strategy, and if the card processors found that this has happened, then the casino risks the possibility of losing a credit card processing at all.

It’s much better to look for a backup credit card, and depending on where you live in the world there are some very good alternatives that can be used for gambling transactions on the players in the UK and Europe have much options – such as Moneybookers e-wallet and Neteller, local services such as Nordea or Ukash vouchers as solutions. If you want to keep your financial information, and one of the many prepaid debit cards can be purchased online or in stores would be ideal. Prepaid debit cards also allow you to stick to a budget, and you can not spend it all on the map. In addition, the world’s largest online payment processing, PayPal will also work with some of the UK and European sites of play.

Players from the United States has the most problems with the launch of the credit card, and unfortunately, many, like Neteller e-wallet solutions are not available to U.S. residents U.S. players often has to be very creative in finding a deposit method that many routes have already been closed. One option is prepaid gift cards, Visa or MasterCard prepaid card is loaded with a fixed amount. Some are rechargeable so you can add money whenever you need it, others are a compromise that is released when used. However, to complicate matters further, some gift cards do not work on online casinos, however GreenDot NetSpend and is known to work with most online gambling sites.

Other options for U.S. players are UseMyBank, myPaylinQ and remittances. The new deposit options Casino are support staff are generally very knowledgeable about deposit methods work for you, then it’s always worth asking for help at first, especially if you plan to buy a gift card.


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