Sri Lanka’s casinos happen to be among the few that are legal in South Asia. In fact, the whole country is more laid back and unstuffy about such things than anywhere else in the region. This is perhaps an effect of the largely followed religion, Buddhism, which gives much less attention to what other people ought to do than to what the individual might need to think about doing. That is not something all that common amongst religions. While betting and casinos slot games are legal all over the island, Sri Lanka’s casinos are in Kollupitiya and Colombo cities.

Their similarities with those in Las Vegas and elsewhere suggest these are not local outposts. They are tidy, properly functioning, reliable casinos. Sri Lanka, the island, is a tropical near paradise. It was a British colony and also has had substantial Dutch and Portuguese influences. There are also substantial Muslim and Hindu minorities. Two of the weirder remains of that colonial reference is in the food. You can still see other influences maintained by the Burgher People. Sri Lanka’s casinos include Kollupitiya Casino, Bally’s Club, Bellagio Casino, Continental Club, Crown Club, MGM Club, Star Dust Club, and Ritz Club and Tokyo Club. There’re probably lots of more casinos across the island, but we are not able to find out how lots of. For only those with a casino license may call them a casino, while anyone can run a betting game.

With the multiple ethnic groups and religions on the island, Sri Lanka is, in general, an accommodating and relaxed place. There is certainly no sort of outcry to insist that people should stop doing what they wish to do, as long as it harms no other human being or animal, which may describe the number and popularity of Sri Lanka’s casinos.

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