—So what we’re looking at here is a pretty typical room-scale VR setup. Uh… you got your light stands, you got your cables running everywhere, extension cords… all that kind of stuff. And… honestly, it’s fine… as long as you’re the type of self-aware nerd…

Here, let’s look at what else we got here. We got a computer… that is comfortable running HDMI cables and Ethernet cables all along their floors. But… Let’s say your girlfriend comes over… or your grandma… or you want to have company over.

The first thing they’re gonna say is: What is all this junk? So today, we are gonna be creating a stealthy VR setup. Sponsored by Oculus. —So step one for getting a VR set up less intrusive looking is… Getting rid of the support pillars. Which usually means, Getting your cameras mounted on either The top part of the wall or a ceiling where they’ll look kind of like… You know… a security camera or… a piece of tape or… nothing, and they’ll draw less attention. But the problem… Is cable management.

Even with our computer right next to this camera right here… We have no extra length left in order to do any cable management. And USB 3 is extremely sensitive to increases in length and the signal degradation that goes along with that. So, because these cameras are actually pretty high bandwidth devices, we’re gonna need… (Thank you Alex) Some of these. These are USB 3 active extension cables Which act as a signal repeater, rather than just… you know…

Extra length of copper wire so that we can maintain the signal integrity for that camera. (That’s not open.) (And look, it’s the worst kind.

It’s the kind that splinters apart into a hundred pieces when you try to…) So… position wise… have we decided on this for our three camera setup? —Yeah, all three cameras are perfectly working… as is. And there’s tape on the ceiling… as you can see for the positions when we actually… Mount them up there. —(Okay.)

So there’s a couple of advantages to having three… Rather than two cameras for an oculus VR setup. Because you can triangulate the position of The touch controllers and the headset, you actually get… Aside from the ability to turn around and maintain your tracking, You actually get more accurate tracking for room-scale gaming. And I mean… as much as we want to build a stealth setup… We also want to build a no compromises gaming setup. (So… we just need to mount some cameras then?)

—Yeah… yeah. —Okay, let’s do it. —Well. We need a… PC in the ceiling also… —Why? —Cuz then it’s a totally stealth you don’t have wires going up, and… —You want to hide the monitor? —Yeah, the monitors gonna [be behind]… a mirror so you can’t see it alone.

—I mean, okay cool. So we have the benefit of doing this project in an office… which means we’ve got a drop ceiling. So come check this out.

Simply by lifting up, and then… (There’s ducting over there…) (Okay, there’s a lot of crap up here actually)… But by just lifting up these tiles… we get access to about… Looks like about 18 inches of space up here where we could actually put… (I don’t know if it’s to code, but…) But we can put the computer and monitor and… everything else associated with it up here. (I mean, I guess it’s like… it shouldn’t be a cooling issue up here anything…) So for our system we’re gonna be using this MSI D25. It’s got a core i7-8700 six core, it’s got a gtx 1070… Most importantly, It’s got easy plug for VR And it’s got lots of USB 3 ports because when you’re running extra cameras you need… Lots of USB 3 ports. Preferably on a couple of different controllers.

Oh. Oh, no way! No… There’s a power outlet up there! —Oh, awesome.

—See? Check it out. It is! —Oh wow.

—Yeah! [Now] this is what I’m talking about. Like it’s actual… Actually like proper and everything. Well this is crazy. Do you know how much it would cost us at this point to get something like that put in? Like now after the fact?

Like hundreds and hundreds of dollars because we’d have to run it from the transformer Which is the exact opposite corner of this building. Ok, let’s do it. I mean, we don’t even need a long extension cord anymore. It’s like 15 feet.

With power taken care of we, needed networking. So what we could do… is… this is terminated in a female connector… Is we could just… —Jack it? —Yeah —Alright. Oh the whole thing… ok… ok… yep.

Thanks you take it, I got it, you know. Ok, this would have to be pretty superhero mode for me to actually get it all the way over there. But I’m gonna try… *Bang* —It did not sound successful… —Or… Was it? Now what? —So let’s get… USB and HDMI… Over to here, where the display is going to be.

—The display needs to go all the way over here? —Yeah. —Why can’t the display go over here? —Because Yvonne thinks that a mirror would look bad on that wall… —Hi, I’m busy… Putting a USB and an HDMI cable all the way from over here to over there, which is apparently your mandate.

Why can’t we just do that wall? —Because it has all these bumps and stuff in it How are you going to mount the mirror to it? —I don’t know. I haven’t gotten that far. —Well, I’m thinking… —Alright, alright.

Let’s just get the… let’s just get the wire run… —K That is an unsafe work practice… I’m pretty sure we just talked about this at our safety meeting… It’s half broken And you are on the top rung, which you’re not supposed to be.

—Okay, it’s a good thing. I don’t need to be here very long. —Yeah, that looks really bad… —Alex, you’re not helping right now… You know, Bros before Hoes Which I can say cuz her last name is Ho.

With the computer up in the ceiling and working, I left Alex to get the sensors off the floor using adhesive camera mounts. Next up, floor height HDMI and USB ports for our headset. After checking for studs, we killed the power to the library, and then got to cutting a hole in the drywall. But not to be defeated by the in wall insulation, We decided to jam a meter stick with cables taped to the end down the wall until it reached the correct height.

Now how are we supposed to get this down there? Oh, you know what we might still be able to do it, but lower would have definitely been better. —We can always make it bigger. —I know you can always make a hole bigger-er… I can’t tell if I’m just jamming down insulation, or if I’m actually…

Wait no. I think this is feeding in… No, I think I’m just jamming it down. —Oh —Our straight meter stick couldn’t fit between the insulation and drywall… But with some Canadian engineering. we solved that problem.

Okay. Gimme the saw. —Um, it’s right there. —It’s behind my butt.

And then-wait a minute No, this isn’t a drywall saw. —Not totally sure. —No I think we have a drywall saw. This isn’t it.

—We do, but I couldn’t find it. Okay, so yeah now I can… Mostly feel what’s going on here? I think… Mmm.

No. I can’t really. I need a bigger hole.

—I was kind of thinking that you’d expand down. —Yeah, I could do that too… There’s just not enough width for my arm… —I assumed that was the next step. —Uh, it’d be about a meter down from me. Humor me and try going down sideways.

—That seems to be a problem… —You know we’re definitely hitting something here… And is what we’re hitting soft? Mister Alex! It’s all the way in. I’m pulling back out. Okay, so let’s double check our length here… After doing a trial round of our Jam-A-Ruler down the wall concept, We were ready for the real thing.

We wanna… Taper the end here for a smooth entry Wait okay. This is a lot thicker than What we put down there last time. So the trick last time was kind of wiggling it back and forth until I could find the right opening… Ow!

Damn that hurt! Ow. It’s the first time I’ve been elbow deep in the wall This hole required a bit more finesse than the last one since you’ll actually be able to see it So we marked it off with tape and carefully cut Thanks to my small hands (They’re basically a super power), grabbing the cable was easy. —Oh, awesome. Bam!

—That was easier than I expected… Ah, nice! —And surprisingly enough the whole thing worked. Now at this point the screen was still sticking out like a sore thumb So, we went to the hardware store and got a mirror to cannibalize. —Max just reminded me that picture frames exist and probably would have worked a lot better for this.

Then, we returned the mirror and got a picture frame The front of the display was removed, then the acrylic two-way mirror was cut to size with some extra love from the belt sander, And then placed in our picture frame with double-sided tape. Everything was held together with some scrap wood and a lot of glue then left to dry overnight While the glue was drying, there was time to fix the big hole in the wall. We were able to get the proper cover for HDMI, but… USB ended up getting taken care of with Tuct Tape. —I’d be inclined not to trust it if it was anything but Tuck Tape. —Now just a couple finishing touches were left. —All right.

—Adding some wireless peripherals, bringing in the mirror, hiding the wires, aaannnnddd… Wow, this is a little crooked but uh… That’s actually a lot crooked, but that’s okay. Minor details… —You can sort of like… jiggle it around and it’ll go back. —(Yeah, uh-huh, okay…) That looks good though. Look at that Everything else Completely hidden away. And this is the mirror display… —Yeah —So the idea is that this just kind of… OOO! —-Yeah, it’s attached with wires… Yep, those cables are.. Those cables are actually…

Okay. Those cables are reasonably well managed. We could probably stand a little bit of improvement here, but you can’t you can’t really see them back here. There’s a lot of glare… —It’s…it’s a mirror.

—It’s very mirror-ry… Okay, tell me Max you’re more qualified than me… Would this kind of setup be more likely to get girlfriend approval? —Yeah. —Than what we had before? Yeah?

Cool. So hey, mission accomplished then. We’ve solved the two main problems with deploying VR in the home. Number one: unsightly wires.

There is… basically nothing to be seen for our sensors, or for our headset whenever we aren’t actively using it… Thanks to this wall plate. And… Honestly, about an hour to two hours of running cables. And… Number two: Convenience.

We’ve got somewhere we can store the whole setup and be up and running in the time that you are about to watch… Check this out: (De-cable-manage-ify with my blindfold on here)… Bam! (Get my touch controllers…) Walk over and plug in. I am in VR! And then when I’m done, Put the whole thing away completely stealthy. Even if we have any issues with the setup, all we got to do is use our subtle 2-way mirror to kind of… Recombobulate whatever it is that’s going on, and we’re back up and running.

So thanks to Oculus for sponsoring this video. Oculus is actually celebrating the second birthday of the Rift with a week-long promotional deal. Retailers globally will be offering a $50 wallet with the purchase of the rift, And, they’ll be offering major discounts on rift content through the Oculus store. So you can check out all the details at the link in the video description So thanks for watching guys if you disliked this video you can hit that button. But if you liked it, hit like. Get subscribed, maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link below.

Also down there’s our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum, which you should totally join.

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