In other words, how can I win easier and quicker? Think there’s no knowledge to be gained in this area? Untrue. There is a lot of common sense involved in the answer. Since this is an online-slots page, I won’t spend too long discussing questions which only truly pertain to casino slots, but some questions need to be answered.

There are a number of points to take into consideration. These are the most common places and reasons for finding loose slots.

Near the change booths – casinos want other players who are waiting in line to receive change to hear the unmistakable sounds and sights of players hitting mid-level and top jackpots. This will, supposedly, motivate other players to get more change and play more machines. Makes sense, and it works.

On elevated carousels – high payoff machines that are visible from nearly any angle from the gaming floor also serve to motivate other players to put more money into THEIR chosen machines. Makes sense, and it works.

Near the coffee shop/cafe/snack bar – casinos frequently place their best machines in these locations to motivate players to eat quickly and get back to the gaming floor as soon as possible. When a player takes a “time out” for food or drinks it’s time spent not playing the machines. No play = no revenue for the casino.

Slot aisles known as “crosswalks” – crosswalks are areas that players must walk through to get to other slot aisles. Again, the same principle applies: the casinos want slot players to witness frequent jackpot payouts. Passers-by using these carefully planned pathways are more likely to be drawn into the main slot aisles, where the mid-range and tight machines are waiting to fleece them.

Locations highly visible from other slot aisles – same philosophy, same reasons as cited above. Round or rectangular, free-standing kiosks within the main casino – nearly all casinos sublet space to the manufacturers of slot machines (Bally’s is a prime example). These free-standing kiosks are not strictly bound by the individual casino’s marketing principles, and may have a larger percentage of “loose” machines.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

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